Team Spirit

We are a team of academicians and field experts who focus on Quality Data Collection. Our experts at MORSEL not only supervise the team but also equip the administrators with updated research tools to conduct Survey and Research in various parts of India.

Data Quality

We are known for providing comprehensive data as per the client’s requirements, regardless of challenging geographical conditions. We integrate qualitative and quantitative research tools to come up with more accurate results.


MORSEL is one of the leading research firms in Social Science sector across the country. Our work has earned us a reputation in the field of evaluation relating to the social policies, social programmes, survey research and profound analysis of data.

  • "We are currently working with Morsel in Uttar Pradesh in 2 different projects. Our experience working with Morsel has been very good. They have a good team, capable enumerators and a good deal of management system. So, we are very happy with the quality of work and look forward to working on more projects in the future."

    Johannes Urpelainen , Johns Hopkins University

    "I have been working with Morsel for one and a half year and it has been a great experience and had a very good quality of data. I receive the data very fast, they are quite responsive and something that is very good and I will definitely recommend Morsel for the fact is that they are familiarized with experiments, randomized controlled trials."

    Antonella Bancalari , Institute For Fiscal Studies
  • "IARD worked closely with Morsel to develop and implement a large-scale survey in five Indian states. Throughout the process, they were responsive, professional, accommodating, and were able to provide valuable local insight when we needed it. "

    Jennifer Tujague , IARD

    "It has been a pleasure to work with Morsel. We were provided the data very quickly. Morsel managed all aspects of the survey including help with piloting, creating the electronic template, hiring and training enumerators and doing back checks via phone and face-to-face interviews. "

    Lakshmi Iyer , Harvard Business School
  • "The team from Morsel took the challenge head-on and did not shy away from any suggestions and things we wanted to try. It was a good experience working with Morsel, who has a team that deeply cares about this work. Regular newsletters, which include reports from the survey team in the field, are just part of what makes Morsel a great team to work with."

    Dr. Britta Augsburg, Institute of Fiscal Studies
  • "I worked with Morsel on an exploratory data collection project related to energy reliability in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The team was very professional and patient; worked well with my students on troubleshooting existing data sources and providing valuable input on ways to sample villages to meet our objectives; provided expert and quality coding of electronic data collection instruments; delivered data in a timely fashion to facilitate quality control; and was always responsive to our inquiries. I highly recommend Morsel as a reliable partner for data collection, also at a reasonable rate. If I am in need of assistance in future projects in the region, I will be sure to contact Morsel."

    Marc Jeulandg, Duke University
  • "I have been working Morsel now for closed to five years. In these years, we have undertaken numerous surveys with Morsel in various states focusing on households, farmers, and government facilities. What I appreciate about Morsel is the unique combination of good-quality data (due to sincere efforts) and reasonable cost structures. In effect, you get the maximum value for the money. With a growing base of work, maintaining the quality could be a challenge, and senior management at Morsel is well aware of the same and are trying their best to expand without compromising on the service quality. I wish Morsel continued success and I hope that the sincerity of effort and rigour in surveys only further increase over time."

    Abhishek Jain, Council On Energy, Environment and Water
  • "Morsel is a very reliable enterprise and I recommend it to colleagues throughout the world, seeking to do survey research in India. I have been working with Morsel since 2010. We planned a survey together in Rajasthan “Study of effects of Local Panchayats Reservation in Gram Panchayats spread throughout the state of Rajasthan. The experience was very well and I worked subsequently on repercussions of that study with Bhartendu in Bihar, Jharkhand and UP."

    Thad Dunning , University of California, Berkeley
  • "I am working with Morsel since 2011 and Morsel proved to be very affective partner. They provide high quality data at regular basis and they are also very responsive to feedback and quality control checks. I experienced Morsel being very positive.I would recommend Morsel to any other research group interested in collecting survey data in India. "

    Dr. Guy Stuart Executive Director, MFO

    "My team and I have been working with Morsel since 2016. They have been conducting a panel survey for us from farmers across northern India for three years and have been doing a fantastic job. Morsel sends regular updates while in the field and answers any questions that we may have quickly. I would recommend Morsel to any other research group interested in collecting survey data in India. "

    Meha Jain, University of Michigan
  • "Morsel conducted a large survey for my project in Madhya Pradesh, which required travel to remote areas. The enumerators were very thorough, professional, and treated people with respect. They organized the data well and were very responsive to questions. I look forward to working with Morsel for surveys in the future. "

    Ruth DeFries, Columbia University
  • "We worked with Morsel in 2016 on a technically demanding project that involved household sample, social network and neighbourhood surveys in the slums of Jaipur and Patna. This was a very demanding research setting, and we were very happy with the survey teams, technical training, and data quality provided by the Morsel team. We were also pleased that they responded quickly to our requests for changes and course corrections. We would be very glad to work again with Bhartendu and his team again. "

    Erik Wibbels, Anirudh Krishna, Duke University
  • "MORSEL field team was great to conduct repeated surveys in remote areas around a protected area landscape for my PhD. The team was motivated, trustworthy and completed the work on time. Aided by their data and management staff the whole survey went smoothly including multiple iterations of questionnaires and tracking of households through the multi-season period. I would work with them again and highly recommend them for other projects in the conservation - development fields in India. "

    Amrita Neelakantan, Columbia University
  • "Working with Morsel has always been a pleasure. I have worked with Morsel on surveys conducted across several states in India, and Morsel was always able to meet the needs that my colleagues and I had. The team understands the demands faced by researchers and will do its best to collect high-quality data. To do so, Morsel will carefully provide support and feedback at all stages of the process in a transparent manner. "

    Michaël Aklin, University of Pittsburgh
  • "I have worked with Morsel on several projects and have found them to be an excellent partner. They are professional, responsive, and open to new ideas and approaches. I have recommended them to many other researchers and will continue to do so in future. "

    Gareth Nellis, University of California San Diego

    "I first picked MORSEL for a large scale survey we were going to implement in India because several other relevant researchers had good feedback for MORSEL. The enumerator team we got was solid. There were several challenges during data collection process, and MORSEL management provided quick and efficient solutions. I recommend them without hesitation."

    Richa Goyal, Senior Energy Analyst, Humbolt State University

Need better data collection?

At MORSEL, we believe in “Social Elevation through Authentic Data”. Since its inception on 16th June 2007, MORSEL has been recognized for its quality output. With IRB certification, we have expertise in research designs and implementation, campaigns and Impact Evaluation policies. For every research study, we devise a new survey design and a new methodology as per the subject matter.

MORSEL specializes in field research by providing quality data through primary and secondary data collection using modern technologies. Apart from data collection, we have a technologically proficient team of data managers to ensure data quality and security.

We are among the top 5 research organizations in India and we aim to render solutions to the social and economic challenges using an analytical approach and we are committed to it.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the best and most trusted Research organization, by providing authentic data.

Our Mission

“Social elevation through Quality Data”
As it clear with the tagline, one good policy can change India and that can be crafted only after using good quality data. To find the right solutions for issues at the national level, authentic data has to be provided. At MORSEL, we strive to get the most accurate and reliable data to bring about social transformation.

Devoted Team

“MORSEL believes in having authentic and first-hand information. For this, we trained local youth from villages so that they interact and extract the right information from the rural respondents. Apart from this, we design internship programs for locals so that they can learn while performing the surveys and have practical knowledge.

What and how we do?

Experts at MORSEL help assess public and private policies. Our team of experts provides support for Statistical and Econometric Analysis of the data. We have collaborated with researchers of great repute in order to provide precise and accurate reports.

Survey experiments and RCTs
  • Designing the study parameters
  • Drafting Questionnaires
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Developing Android-based data collection Apps
Data Management and Analysis
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Security Management
  • Meta Data and record Management
  • Data Analysis and reports
Monitoring & Data Quality
  • GPS Co-ordinate of each Household, photograph etc.
  • Time duration of each question asked
  • Randomly 30-90 seconds Audio recording of each Survey.
  • Real time data quality checks.
  • Surprise incentives
  • Random assessment by Supervisors
  • Our rich library has secondary data collected from both Public and Private Organizations
Other Services
  • Writing slogans
  • Putting up street shows and puppet shows
  • Scripting various activities based on the subject matter.
  • Scripting
  • Shooting and post production

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We collect data from diverse sections like Banking and Finance, Health and Sanitation, Socio-Economic and Politics, Renewable Energy and Environment.

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Why Morsel

Morsel has been working with renowned social scientists, researchers, social workers, health and development economists who help in producing high-quality evidence on developmental effectiveness to improve the lives of deprived people of India. We are a global community, bringing diverse knowledge, expertise, and perspectives to the many challenges faced by today's world.










We use ODK/SurveyCto, the best way to collect data on a mobile device. Our clients hire us because of our years of experience creating well-designed data collection application and running large data collection campaigns all over the world. Mapping of wages/income and expenses within the HHs can be done very easily. This was not possible in the paper survey.
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MORSEL is using ODK, SurveyCTO, and Quest (Android-based applications) as data collection tools.


Pictures, audios, and videos can be randomized easily and we can ask questions based on that.

Unbiased Response

We use headphones so that only the respondent can see and hear the questions and other details, and we can get an anonymous unbiased response.

Pre-planned Data Collection

Social networking surveys can be conducted very easily as we can collect the HH listing data and then map HHs as networking data very easily.

If you are a Researcher fetching for meticulous data