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A leading firm in Impact Evaluation and Social Research.

We are a team of academicians and field experts who focus on Quality Data Collection. Our experts at MORSEL not only supervise the team but also equip the administrators with updated research tools to conduct Survey and Research in various parts of India.

We are known for providing comprehensive data as per client’s requirements. We integrate qualitative and quantitative research tools to come up with more accurate results.

MORSEL is one of the leading search firms in Social Science sector across the country. Our work has earned us reputation in the field of evaluation relating to the social policies, social programmes, survey research and profound analysis of data.

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We sustain the energy and commitment we bring to our roles by promoting a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives.


We are a global community, bringing diverse knowledge, expertise, and perspectives to the many challenges faced by today's world.

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We strive to meet and exceed the highest professional standards.


We know that working collaboratively produces excellence.


We take responsibility for what we do and how we do it.


We are united by our mission to improve the lives of people.

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“It has been a pleasure to work with MORSEL, who implemented our survey of more than 2500 respondents in 11 districts across UP in one month’s time. Since the survey was conduced electronically, we were provided the data very quickly. MORSEL managed all aspects of the survey including help with piloting, creating the electronic template, hiring and training enumerators and doing back checks via phone and face-to-face interviews. MORSEL staff provided ongoing status reports throughout the survey and worked closely with us to resolve on-the-field difficulties. We are in the process of analyzing the survey data and look forward to working with MORSEL again.”
Lakshmi Iyer , Harvard Business School

During 2014-2015, IARD worked closely with MORSEL to develop and implement a large-scale survey in five Indian states. Throughout the process, they were responsive, professional, accommodating, and were able to provide valuable local insight when we needed it. We plan to engage MORSEL again for an upcoming follow-up study and can recommend working with MORSEL without reservation.
Jennifer Tujague , IARD

I am a researcher at the Center for the Evaluation of Development Policies at the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London, UK. Our work focuses on research on the impact of a range of specific development interventions and policy reforms in developing countries. It aims to promote best practice in the design, conduct and evaluation of development policies. We work in many countries around the world, but personally, most of my projects are in India. On a mission for one of these projects, I had the chance of sitting next to Bhartendu, the Managing Director of MORSEL India. We started talking and he told me about their work managing surveys. Not shortly after, we were looking for a survey company in Northern India and so I also approached MORSEL to submit a proposal - which they won. This was a survey in the city of Gwalior, focusing on sanitation. Conducting household and community surveys is challenging whatever topic, but I would dare to say that focusing on sanitation adds a level of additional challenges. But, the team from MORSEL took the challenge head-on and did no shy away from any suggestions and things we wanted to try. It was a good experience working with MORSEL, who has a team that deeply cares about this work. Little things like their regular newsletter, which include reports from the survey team in the field, are just part of what makes MORSEL a great team to work with.
Britta Augsburg , Institute for Fiscal Studies