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Team Spirit

We are a team of academicians and field experts who focus on Quality Data Collection. Our experts at MORSEL not only supervise the team but also equip the administrators with updated research tools to conduct Survey and Research in various parts of India.

Data Quality

We are known for providing comprehensive data as per client’s requirements, regardless of challenging geographical conditions. We integrate qualitative and quantitative research tools to come up with more accurate results.


MORSEL is one of the leading research firms in Social Science sector across the country. Our work has earned us reputation in the field of evaluation relating to the social policies, social programmes, survey research and profound analysis of data.


Need better data collection?

At MORSEL, we believe in “Social Elevation through Authentic Data”. Since its inception on 16th June 2007, MORSEL has been recognized for its quality output. With IRB certification, we have expertise in research designs and implementation, campaigns and Impact Evaluation policies. For every research study, we devise a new survey design and a new methodology as per the subject matter.

MORSEL specializes in field research by providing quality data through primary and secondary data collection using modern technologies. Apart from data collection, we have a technologically proficient team of data managers to ensure data quality and security.

We are among top 5 research organizations in India and we aim to render solutions to the social and economic challenges using analytical approach and we are committed to it.

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Our Vision

To be recognized as the best and most trusted Research organization, by providing authentic data.

Our Mission

Genuine information is the key to every policy making. Access to authentic data can help facilitate better policies and welfare programs to upgrade the whole system and thus transform India.

Check out our projects

We collect data from diverse sections like, Banking and Finance, Health and Sanitation, Socio-Economic and Politics, Renewable Energy and Environment.

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Banking and Finance

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Socio-Economic and Politics

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Renewable Energy and Environment

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The Perfect Place for all data researchers

Morsel is a research organization where we work hard to collect quality data. We have worked in remote villages and forests. We have interacted with about 233345445 households and have succesfully completed almost 210+ projects covering 28 states till date.









If you are a Researcher fetching for meticulous data


Technologies We Use

We use ODK/SurveyCto, the best way to collect data on a mobile device. Our clients hire us because of our years of experience creating well-designed data collection application and running large data collection campaigns all over the world.
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Open Data Kit

Open Data Kit is a open-source set of tools which help organizations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions.

Quest Custom Application

We also design custom application according to client requirement eg: slider based app, custom designs.


SurveyCto is a platform for developers where we make awesome apps to collect data, images, audio, random Audit.

Survey Application in multi language

We provide applications in multiple languages for better understanding of the respondents.

  • "During 2014-2015, IARD worked closely with MORSEL to develop and implement a large-scale survey in five Indian states. Throughout the process, they were responsive, professional, accommodating, and were able to provide valuable local insight when we needed it. We plan to engage MORSEL again for an upcoming follow-up study and can recommend working with MORSEL without reservation"

    Jennifer Tujague , IARD
  • "“It has been a pleasure to work with MORSEL, who implemented our survey of more than 2500 respondents in 11 districts across UP. Since the survey was conduced electronically, we were provided the data very quickly. MORSEL managed all aspects of the survey including help with piloting, creating the electronic template, hiring and training enumerators. We look forward to working with MORSEL again.”"

    Lakshmi Iyer , Harvard Business School

Why Choose Us


We sustain the energy and commitment we bring to our roles by promoting a healthy personal and professional lives.


We are a global community, bringing diverse knowledge, expertise, and perspectives to the many challenges faced by today's world.

Committed to Excellence

We strive to meet and exceed the highest professional standards to get the most quality data.


We know that working collaboratively produces excellence.


We take responsibility for what we do and how we do it.


We are united by our mission to improve the lives of people.


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