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MORSEL Presented WORKSHOP ON “A Promising Career in Policy Evaluation and Field Research and Role of Technology.”

Lead by: Professor Johannes Urpelainen, Columbia University, USA.

To create a pool of talented and skilled younger generation, for the overall improvement and better future of the nation, MORSEL organized its first two days’ workshop on “A Promising Career in Field Research and Policy Evaluation Using Technology” on 8th & 9th January, 2017 in Department of Sociology, Lucknow University Campus.

The workshop was an initiative to make the students aware of the upcoming career prospects in Social Research and that the very field is an emerging employment sector.

The Chief Instructor of the workshop Dr Johannes Urpelainen of Columbia University through his interactive session shared his experiences of Field Research. He discussed several aspects of Field Research and the prerequisites of a fine field researcher.

The workshop also focused on sampling techniques and the challenges of it. The Managing Director, Mr Bhartendu Trivedi explained sampling at length with the participants. Professor Rajesh Mishra and S.K. Chaudhary of Department of Sociology also shared their experiences with the audiences.

The workshop also included technical sessions in Open Data Kit-a Data Collection Software and CS Pro. Training in Data Analysis tool MS-Excel was given in detail and of advance level. The workshop was covered by various renowned Hindi and English newspapers.

The workshop ended with the launch of our online magazine, www.the Mr Gautam Nair, Political Scientist of Yale University, did the honors. The magazine is aimed to publish research papers of the academicians and research scholars which will be evaluated by University of Sam Houston and Yale University.